More Great Radio News

July 5, 2015

Who knew radio could be this much fun? Wow! The past two weeks of our triple-A campaign have brought in another 8 stations. Footfall is crazy happy to have the following "adds" on the list: 

KDHX St. Louis MO
KHSU Arcata CA
KSER Seattle WA
KVMR Sacramento CA
WAMU Washington DC
WHFR Dearborn MI
WMMT Whiteburg KY

Can you spell r-o-a-d t-r-i-p? Not sure where we're headed yet but seems like the opportunities are percolating. Just to be officially on the charts is pretty mindblowing. Thank you, Peter, and thank you, triple-A radio. And a shout out to all the listeners! Thanks to emerging fans we have web hits from places as far away as Paris, Houston and Eugene. Really good stuff.

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