Welcome to the Footfall website!

Welcome to the Footfall website!


Footfall's charity for 2018 is Friends of the Mississippi River! We'll donate 5% of CD sales to an organization that works to protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities region. Spread the word!

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Footfall: Running Toward the Moon
Footfall: Running Toward the Moon
2018 Release

2018 Release

More Great Radio News 

July 5, 2015

Who knew radio could be this much fun? Wow! The past two weeks of our triple-A campaign have brought in another 8 stations. Footfall is crazy happy to have the following "adds" on the list: 

KDHX St. Louis MO
KHSU Arcata CA
KSER Seattle WA
KVMR Sacramento CA
WAMU Washington DC
WHFR Dearborn MI
WMMT Whiteburg KY

Can you spell r-o-a-d t-r-i-p? Not sure where we're headed yet but seems like the opportunities are percolating. Just to be officially on the charts is pretty mindblowing. Thank you…Read more
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